Section 1: 

School Counseling Policies

Section 2:

School Counseling Education & Training

Section 3: 

School Counseling Practices

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr.habil. Nikolay Popov

Sofia University, Bulgaria

Conference Chair

Prof. Emer. Dr. John C. Carey
International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling

Conference Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Vera Spasenović

University of Belgrade, Serbia

Conference Co-Chair

Dr. Lynn Preston

North-West University, South Africa

Chair of Section 1

Prof. Dr. Margarita Bakracheva

Sofia University, Bulgaria

Chair of Section 2

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Thomas

Christ University, India

Chair of Section 3

Gergana Sakarski, PhD Student

Sofia University, Bulgaria

Conference Coordinator

Our partners

Program Committee

Prof. Dr. Charl Wolhuter

North-West University, South Africa

Prof. Dr. Joanne Bakos Antrim

Concordia University Texas, USA

Prof. Dr. Gordana Stankovska

University of Tetovo, North Macedonia

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Megan M. Krell

Fitchburg State University, USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Victor Martinelli

University of Malta, Malta

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tim Poynton

University of Massachusetts Boston, USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zoltán Rónay

Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Assist. Prof. Dr. George McMahon

University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

Focus Learning Support Ltd, UK

Assist. Prof. Dr. Petra Gregorcic Mrvar

Ljubljana University, Slovenia

Prof. Dr. Oksana Chigisheva

Southern Federal University, Russia